The village of Kongiganak rests near the Kongiganak river, two miles away from the Bering Sea.

aerial view of the village

Basic Facts

  • There are 600 - 700 residents in the village and most refer to the village as "Kong"
  • Transportation is different in the village.  Being on the tundra, there are no road or cars.  Your options are four-wheeler, snowmachine (winter), boat for going up or down the river, and small planes

image of a small planeplane on the Kong airstrip
small plane landing in the village

  • There are two parts of the village:  Housing - which is made up of new houses built for the residents, and DownTown - the part of the village that includes the stores, churches, laundry, as well as residential housing.  
  • The Kong airstrip is right in-between the two parts of town and is completely outside.  When traveling to the village always dress warm.  The small planes, and outside airstrip, can be chilly at time.
  • Church:  There are two churches in Kongiganak - the Moravian Church and Russian Orthodox

Moravian Churchpicture of the moravian churchpicture of the Russian Orthodox churchRussian Orthodox Church

  • There are two stores in Kong - A & L (aka the Red Store) and Qemirtalek (aka The Blue Store).
  • The village does have a laundry mat, clinic and post office.  

post office in the village
local post office in Kong

  • There is no running water in the village.  Half of teacher housing and the school is the only running water available.  Everyone else uses honey buckets
  • All major supplies come in on barges up the Kong river or on small planes. Since everything comes to the village by barge or plane, the prices can get pretty high on basic necessities like milk and toilet paper.

Map of Alaska

There are several small businesses and corporations in the village, including:
*  Coastal Village Regional Fund (CVRF)
*  The Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP)
*  The local village council 
*  The Qemirtalek Corp
*  The power plant - which also helps out with the 5 wind turbines we have in the village

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