Subsistence Lifestyle

All the residents of Kongiganak practice a traditional subsistence lifestyle.  That means that every season brings different resources for people to find and bring home.  

blueberries and salmonberries male student with a moose he shotHanging dried salmon

 *  When school starts, villagers are still berry picking every day, mostly for blueberries, salmonberries, and black berries.  After the first frost cranberries will also be picked.

*  Moose hunting and bird hunting are also very prevalent in the fall season.

*  Silver salmon are still around in the fall and tom cods are also caught


*  This season there is a lot of tom cod fishing and pike fishing.

*  Moose and caribou hunting happens around this time as well.


*  In spring there is a return of bird hunting and also egg hunting.  Residents are also exploring the tundra for different greens to gather (around the small lakes)

*  Fishing is the key activity in the summer.  Salmon fishing and drying takes up a lot of the time.

* Berry picking also starts as early as June. 

** Walrus and Seal hunting happen all year long.  
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